Oh the places you’ll go

Travel has always been a big part of my life. Hence the blog name, as well as the Instagram account full of pictures of my ceramic travel cat in front of various monuments.


luckytravelcat atop the Arc De Triomphe in Paris, France

I’ve always wanted one of those large maps, where you use pins to mark the places you’ve visited. Unfortunately, because I do not own my own house, and move around quite a bit, I have not allowed myself such a luxury.


Photo Credit: https://ev100.ee/

Along comes the Bullet Journal. I’ve discovered so many different uses for it in addition to “day planning”. I put my own spin on recording my travels.


I originally traced a simple map of the world by placing a blank sheet of paper on my computer screen and lightly outlining it with a pencil. I then placed the blank sheet of paper over the page in my journal where I wanted to picture to go and firmly pressed over the rough pencil drawing. I then traced the whole thing with a fine line pen and added a beautiful Dr. Seuss quote at the top.

(Fun fact, Dr. Seuss pronounced his name “Soyce”)

I also added a full page with the names of the cities I have visited, as well as the cities in which I have lived, and the dates I visited/lived in them. I left an entire page blank dedicated to recording more travels.

Keep your eyes peeled on an upcoming post about my travel journals, where I documented my adventures daily, and kept all the ticket stubs, pamphlets, wristbands, business cards, and random scraps of paper.




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